SharePoint WCM pages on mobile devices

An ever present possible requirement is for Web Content pages to be accessible via mobile device. SharePoint introduces some nice features for mobile devices. Each library & list can be configured to allow a mobile view. This way your mobile device can access those lists easilly.
Secondly you can use the variation system to create a variation for a mobile view. Creating a master page designed specifically for mobile devices can make your WCM pages available. A nice overview of the possibilities is given by Jamie McAllister.
But what when you need to create a mobile view for a variated site? Furthermore, based on the experience I've got with variations I'm not that eager to start creating variations. This made me think about an other approach to mobile views.
Based on an article about changing the masterpage for application pages using a HttpModule we constructed the following solutioin.
  1. Extend your WCM application to an other url, specifically for use with mobile devices e.g.
  2. Create your mobile masterpage/CSS/... and store it in the original site collection
  3. Create an HttpModule that replaces the default masterpage with your new mobile masterpage (make sure to read this post about Publishing Pages!)
  4. Register the HttpModule in your web.config.
  5. Grab your device and see the magic happening!
On codeplex there is a project that provides an HttpModule that can be configured in the web.config file. It might be usefull to take a look at that before writing your own HttpModule.