Nintex Workflow vs. Visio 2010

With the new Visio workflow creation tool in the Office clients a lot of questions popped to our minds about the need of a custom workflow creation tool as Nintex offers:

The promise is that with the new office clients you'll be able to create new workflows. This would be a fantastic extension for end-users to create their own workflows...however...there's a small catch:
The Visio toolkit will just be extended with SharePoint workflow tasks, so you'll be able to design a workflow, but not to configure it. After you have drawn your workflow design and validated it, you can import the XOML into SharePoint Designer and start doing the actual configuration and deployment.

So will there be a need for clients to have a third party workflow tool? As far as we know now, yes.
First of all having these workflow tools in your browser window is quite a nice feature. No clients needed.
Secondly the deployment is all browser-based, nice and easy. Whereas with the foreseen Visio extensions it would still require multiple client-side steps.

The new Visio extensions look promising, but Nintex still offers a lot of functionalities that I don't see happening with the new workflow support in Visio.

Mike Fitzmaurice (Vice President of Nintex) opened a blog on this topic to answer to some rumours.
If you want to learn about the Visio workflow design capabilities, there is a very good post by Wictor Wilén.

To be continued...