Calendar changes in SP2010

Do you know that feeling when you just got a new toy, the one you were hoping for a long time ago…and then when you start playing with it, it has all these neat little features that you didn’t even know about...I feel like a kid again ;)

Can’t keep up the tension any longer: SharePoint 2010 has some calendar support on steroids :)

In MOSS 2007 and Office 2007 you had this notion of overlay calendars in Outlook: view two calendars on top of each other so you are able to compare. It was a feature only available on the Outlook client.


SharePoint 2010 now offers the same functionality in the browser. The ribbon of a calendar contains a button ‘Calendars Overlay’ which takes you to a screen where you can add up to ten calendars to the current view. Even more, it allows you to add SharePoint calendars (across site collection boundaries) and Exchange calendars using the Exchange webservices:


The result is this neat overlay view:


On the left you see the calendars in the current View. In the calendar you see multiple items lined up next to each other each with their own color code. And just to point out…there is an ‘Add’ button!